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Working side by side with your team, we take over administrative parts and help your business grow. Your profit increases through clients’ database development as well as by making the internal process become more efficient.

We work by your side

  • Evaluating development opportunities with targeted markets
  • Performing feasibility studies for new products
  • Developing sales process
  • Establishing investment priorities
  • Operating change management
  • Counseling and supporting merger and acquisition processes
Your advantages
  • Our experienced consultants bring value for your company, help make the business process more efficient and eliminate risk and discomfort associated with personal management.
  • You company’s profit grows, due to correct operation of the sales function and due to finding new suitable opportunities.
  • The objective perspective on market minimizes risks associated with new market entry products. 


We know that in order to grow your company needs to have a coherent solid strategy, professionally managed projects and a viable management system and we work with you to achieve it.

Strategic management 

Building a coherent and effective strategy for developing any business is what lies between being on the cusp of success and actually succeeding. More than a set of formalized decisions and resolutions, corporate strategy is what drives a business forward, according to the “Structure follows strategy” principle. Acting as a map for a company’s evolution, strategy determines the way in which each of its processes and divisions are shaped and further on, the technologies to use for achieving the desired results.  

Strategy building is a matter of perspective, objectivity, throughout analysis and accumulated experience. Thanks to our knowledge of business development we are able to provide assistance with the full range of top management issues:

  • Investment priorities
  • Performance management
  • Change management
  • Expansion issues
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Customer strategy
  • IT strategy

None of these components can be managed in isolation from the other, it is therefore necessary to create a comprehensive strategy that provides solutions for all the company’s development issues. Regardless of the starting point, there are a number of steps that we will go through together in order to understand the functioning of your company and develop the best strategy for its growth:

  • Define priorities for action
    Assessment of the current strategy and its relevance for business development
    Description of the environment and its likely development
    SWOT and GAP analyses
  • Designing solutions
    Defining strategic objectives
    Developing alternative scenarios
  • Adapt process
    Building a financial model
    Assess strategy impact over structure and operations
  • Ensure effect
    Setting up programs and tasks to insure the achievement of your objectives
    Implementation planning (quality, investment programs, global integration)