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“Never accept advice from someone who hasn’t been where you are.”

Sidney J. Harris

Based on our experience with the Romanian market culture, we can significantly contribute to the success of your new investment. This solution was designed to ensure comfort and safety in handling problems associated with emerging on a foreign market.

Your advantages:

  • Discovering business opportunities

Understanding the way business works in Romania, we help your company differentiate from competition and position itself on the market.

  • Ensure and grow profit

Creating a level of awareness on the target market and, afterwards, even becoming a market leader, we help you make a stand on the Romanian market and grow your customer database. 

  • Make business process more efficient

Organizing and managing resources efficiently means having ‘more for less’, it means profitability at lower costs, through the use of all business ‘tools’.

  • Decreasing or eliminating risks with projects 

When speaking of a new investment, project success is decisive in development. Through planning and implementation alongside your team, we help you succeed.

  • Reduce risks with the new investment, optimize costs and ensure an operational level

Even when it comes to companies which have already taken big steps towards development and are ‘doing great’, optimizations can be made in order to get to ‘do even greater’. When speaking of organizational planning, any improvement can be a substantial positive impact on development and profitability. Such a strategy, adequately designed and implemented from the beginning, can accelerate the company’s growth rate, with minimal costs involved.

  • Put the old ‘not enough hours in a day’ issue out of your mind!

We understand that, when managing a new investment, there is never enough time for all planning and all actions needed to be taken. That is why our team is here to effectively compensate for this sit-back, working with you to achieve your business goals.

  • The comfort of professional, on time solutions

We deliver exactly what we promise, when we promise, and we always stay within predetermined budget.

  • Our consultants’ experience regarding the value and cultural systems in Romania 

In depth knowledge on market culture and the ability to predict and solve problems which might appear instead of ‘dealing with them as they come up’, lead to substantial time and cost reductions.