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“A goal without a plan is just a wish”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Start-ups have been so far a roughly ignored market segment for Romanian consulting companies.

We can help you turn the problems you face in this early phase of development into your ‘head start’. You need this advantage if you want to differentiate from competition from the beginning!

Your advantages :

  • Managing cash flow

Achieving a level of security and financial comfort is one of the main goals of a new business. Our team of dedicated consultants will work with you and your team to reach this goal as quick as possible, substantially minimizing risks with the new investment.

  • Discovering business opportunities

A rigorous planning, market segmentation and differentiation from competition make the difference between a successful company and one that will leave the business. We offer our experience in the field, as well as our objective view, to transform theory into practice.

  • Ensure and grow profit 

A business does not exist until it has its’ first client. Business profitability is stated by the number of clients. Our consultants help your business become profitable and stable, by creating an awareness level in the targeted market and gradually developing customer database.

  • Making business process more efficient

Organizing and efficiently managing resources, which, in the start-up phase, determine the way the internal environment will evolve, as well as the ease for  the company to grow and the costs implied by the process.

  • Minimizing or eliminating risks involved in a project

Because in this critical phase of your company’s life project success is the more important, and the level of stress involved high, our consultants offer you the instruments you need to transform your idea into a plan, and the plan into a successful implementation.

  • Our experience adds value and contributes to the development of your company

Because we understand how important it is to add value to your clients and stay in business, we put our experience to act, understanding as much your business as we do your clients.

  • Compensate the small number of employees in your company in such an early phase of development

It is sometimes difficult, even for companies with a history in the business, to find the appropriate qualifications, to bring trustworthy, professional and client-oriented people in house. Our team will work for you, not only compensating for the lack of resources, but raising above expectations.

  • Reduce risks with the new investment, optimize costs and ensure an operational level

Appropriate management of financial resources, planning that reduces risks and ensures process efficiency and being operational are not optional traits, but rather necessary when speaking of a profitable business.

  • Eliminate discomfort associated with personal management

Using valuable resources and expertise, we make your life and that of your company easier.

  • The comfort of professional, on time solutions

We deliver exactly what we promise, when we promise, and we always stay within predetermined budget.