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When in need of knowledge and abilities, we put more than a specialist at your disposal: an entire dedicated and experienced team, working by your side through all stages, from planning to execution.

We work by your side 

  • Analyzing the project’s theoretical aspects (opportunity, business plan, feasibility)
  • Planning budget and evaluating financing alternatives
  • Planning the project (human and financial resources, time management, tasks and deadlines)
  • Managing project resources
  • Assistance in project implementation
  • Monitoring and follow up of project progress and results
  • Reporting optimizing project performance

Your advantages

  • Eliminating risks through adequate planning, our experience and objectivity helping us locate and remediate all potential project sit-backs before implementation. 
  • Cost optimization

We guide you through all the main issues of managing a project - integrating the project into your general strategy, establishing objectives, time-frames, evaluating costs, quality, necessary resources, risk involved, appropriate tools.

In other words, we : 

  • Analyze the project idea(opportunity research, business plan, feasibility)
  • Forecast budget and evaluate financing alternatives
  • Plan the project (material and human resources, time-frame, tasks and deadlines)
  • Assist project implementation
  • Monitor and Evaluate project development and results